A Good Boy

Billy always listens to his mother. He always does what she says. If his mother says, “Brush your teeth,” Billy brushes his teeth. If his mother says, “Go to bed,” Billy goes to bed. Billy is a very good boy. A good boy listens to his mother. His mother doesn’t have to ask him again. She asks him to do something one time, and she doesn’t ask again. Billy is a good boy. He does what his mother asks the first time. She doesn’t have to ask again. She tells Billy, “You are my best child.” Of course Billy is her best child. Billy is her only child.

Drinking water

The tap water is generally safe, as it comes directly from mountains, but you may also purchase bottled water. You can get both mineral water with gas and normal spring water on almost every street corner. This water is available in both the rural areas and the capital. You can  open the tap either at work or in a house and drink running water. It’s absolutely safe for drinking and even tasty. In the streets and yards of Yerevan you can see certain water springs. The unique one-meter-high bubbling jet offers clean and tasty Armenian water. Come close and drink. It is completely free.


Use the new words from the text in the sentences:

spring-1. գարուն, 2. աղբյուր, 3 զսպանակ,

both… and…-և….և…

either… or… կամ… կամ…

neither… nor… ոչ…. ոչ…



I am playing tebnis now.

You arep tennis now.

He is playing tennis now.

She is playing tennis now.

It is playing tennis now.

We are playing tennis now.

You are playing tennis now.

They are playing tennis now.

Մենք ամեն օր գնում ենք դպրոց։

Every day we go to school.

Թոմը խաղում է շախմատ հիմա։

Tom is playing chess now.

Մայրիկը խոհանոցում է, նա ճաշ է պատրաստում։

Mather is in the kitchen, she is makeing soup.

Անգլերեն դասին մենք կարդում ենք տեքստ,խոսում անգլերեն ամեն օր։  

At the  English lesson we read  text, spaek English Every day.


  1. leaf- leaves                                         1.desk-desks
  2. bottle-bottles                                      2.egg-eggs
  3. mud-muds                                          3.parent-parents
  4. ice-ices                                                 4.bus-buses
  5. stove-stoves                                        5.dress-dresses
  6. duck-ducks                                          6.glass-glasses
  7. soap-soaps                                           7.dish-dishes
  8. city-cites                                               8.brush-brashes
  9. beach-beaches                                    9.bench- benches                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1.This is basetball bat.- These are baseball bats.                                                                    2.This a big appl.e-Those are big apples.                                                                                  3.What is this?-What are these?                                                                                                 4.This is an eraser- THis are eraser.


1. She gave me a book.

2. Put the book on the table.

3. There is an apple in the fridge.                                                                      p03zh5tk

4. If you are hungry, you can eat a banana.

5. She told me an interesting story.

6. My brother has the pet dog.

7. I want  a glass of water.

8. I watched a movie yesterday.

9. I have seen the movie you are talking about.

10. I have. sister the

11. She can play the violin and the piano.

12. I went to the hospital to see Jane.



My name is Brenda Foster. I am on the left in the picture. I am ten years old and I am in the fifth form. My birthday in on the first of January. I am from Santa Monica, California, USA. I am American. My phone number is 235-456-789. I live at 16 Park Street. My post code is LA 30 SM. I’ve got a sister and a brother. Their names is Gina and Paul. Gina is16 years old and Paul is only three. I’ve also got a dog. His name is Spot. He  is right in the picture. My Mum is a doctor. She works at a hospital. My Dad is a driver. He works in Los Angeles. We are all   friendly in our family.