Are we fed up with your teachers telling you what to do?

Hello, I’m Mariam, and I go to school like other young people. My school is different from other schools in Armenia. In our school, teacher-student relations are different. As much as we respect our teachers, they respect us. It helps us not to be afraid of wrong answers in the lessons, especially foreign languages, we speak freely. I think it is the teacher’s responsibility to give the student a task, and the student’s responsibility is to complete it, in our school we can complete the project of our choice. For example, in the subject of history, we were assigned «Our superstition».
the project, but if the student does not like that topic, he can write on the topic he suggested, no patience.

So our teachers do not force us to do the task given by them, we can do what we like, learn what is important.

Some people think certain prisoners should be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars. To what extent do you agree?

In this life we ​​all commit sins, some even deprive others of the opportunity to live, even though they do not have the right to do so. Hi, I’m Mariam and I would like to talk about whether a person can clean the streets instead of going to prison.

I think a person should be punished for all his bad deeds, and with all severity. The place of a guilty person is only in prison․ I think cleaning the streets is not such a harsh punishment, and the guilty person may not realize his mistake.

These days thousands of people commit crimes and go unpunished because they are accused
to others․ If I were the judge of people who are not proven guilty, I wouldn’t take them to jail, I’d just grab some cleaning supplies and take them out on the street, until the fact of their guilt was mitigated or denied․

Would you like to have a robot as a teacher?

We live in the 21st technological century. There are many robots that really make human life easier.

A robot teacher. I couldn’t even wrap my head around it, I’m definitely against it, because the teacher is one of the most important people in our life, after parents, he gives us a good future and doesn’t let us become bad people. I think that a teacher, in addition to teaching, should be a good person, have human characteristics. Let’s say the children are writing a test paper, history, if the child answers the question with another word, by describing his thoughts, Robolt will get a point.

I think that if our teacher is a robot, we will also grow up like a robot, because soon we will think like them ourselves, during that test, for the second time, we will write what the robot will understand, not what we want.
I think Robot teachers will be a big mistake of humanity

The most important thing for me

There is a thing which we make more important for us, as this moment the most important thing for me is my telephone as another teenagers.Nowadays the telephone take us everything. There are times when only telephone helps us on different situation. For example when we were on the street and didn’t know where to go, Google map help us.
People use telephone not only for calling they use internet. We study foreign languages, History, we play games to eject our stress, by helping internet. Internet can give us many answer of our interesting questions. There also is very comfortable we can keep it in our pocket, so I can’t image my life with out telephone.

Police Woman

We know many professions which are for boys and girls. There are professions which viewed as strange by societ especially in Armenia. For example boy chif and girl driver. Policewomen for me is normal, but I can’t pay attention. It’s unusual for me.

I think, we should become what we want. Nobody cann’t stop us from our dream. It will be astronaut or astrologer. This life is ours it’s only one, we must live it, the way we want. We must not obeying anyone, listen only to ourselves and move only forward.

Advice of servant

«Sheff, I see him.»

One boy comes and sat in a car. His name’s Richard. He is 13 years old.

«Did you Like Disneyland?»

«It could have been better» says the boy in a harsh voice.

At Home the boy threw away his coat and lay down on the bed.

«Come here! Where is my father» call the boy his servant.

«Sir, he unfortunately cannot have dinner with you today.»

«You said these wards to me yesterday.»

» Sorry, I can’t help you, he have many problems in his job.»

«He likes his job more than me.»

«Don’t say such things he loves you, and try to make your life more better.»

Richard was silent.

«Richard, when I was your age. When my father rushed to work instead of seeing me, I rarely saw him. but what I wanted soon became mine. There was not a single toy, book that I had not have. I saw my father once a month, he always came to hug me, kiss me, tell me how much he loves me. I did not appreciate those things, I never told my father that I loved him. One day my servant came and said that my father died, then I felt alienation, loneliness, betrayal. I regretted everything I said, regretted that I would never say that I love him.»

After a short pause he continued.

«Richard, I don’t want you to make my mistakes, appreciate and love your father while he is alive and healthy.»

The doors of the room opened, the father entered,

«Many times we can give up work for the sake of family.»

The boy looked at the servant, who smiled at him. Richard ran to his father and tightly hugged him .

«I love you dad.»

Teenagers and money (pocket money)

Hi, today I would like to speak with you about teenagers and their pocket money. Our parents every day give us minimum 500 dram. Many teenagers spend it at that moment, the another keep it. I seem that the boys spend more, than girls. Girls always save more many and spend it for more expensive thing, example: perfume, cosmetics, bag, hat and for anything else.

My parents every day give me 1000 dram, during the day I spent 500 dram, save the rest. When I collect more many I buy something for my parents, grandparents. They do everything for me. I want to make them more happy. And that way express my thanks.

Speaker Pelosi Remarks at Congressional Delegation Press Conference with Armenian Speaker Alen Simonyan

Speaker Pelosi Remarks at Congressional Delegation Press Conference with Armenian Speaker Alen Simonyan

Part of their speech.

Speaker Pelosi.  Well, as you saw, the immediate response from the United States was to stop the violence and to have a ceasefire.  We – our delegation had been very outspoken, saying that this was initiated by Azeris and that there has to be recognition of that and how that will stop.  What we have been learning on this visit is some of the – some of the challenges that were presented by the so-called peace agreement coming from the conflict into – resolution of the conflict in 2020 and how that maybe contributed to the violence now on the part of the Azeris.  And I promised my colleagues that they have to respond to that question.

Congresswoman Speier.  The House of Representatives has already introduced a resolution, co-authored by all of us here, that will say that we condemn the actions by Azerbaijan, that they must cease and desist.  And we are hopeful that we will take up that resolution as soon.  

As to our commitment to Armenia, we will continue to support the integrity of the democracy of Armenia and the borders and resist any effort to have those borders changed.

My opinion on it

It was very important meaning the visit of Nancy Pelosi for Armenian Nation. Especially on this time, when we have a problems with border, and our safety is at great risk.  I thought that the Armenian Genocide accepted by America in 2019 will scare Azerbaijan and Turkey and stop the attack on Armenia. But it’s a pity that it didn’t happen, and now we are facing a big problem.

if I started a charity

I would open an organization where we would collect money for our little four-legged friends. These days there are a lot of homeless dogs and cats on the streets of Yerevan, and each of them has its own story, it’s not that being born and surviving among garbage on the street is much more complicated than you think. Very often people are so cruel that they hit them, I can never accept them

I hear this phrase a lot

«don’t touch those animals they are dirty»

that they defile the souls of other people who strike and harass them, when I see a street dog or a cat, I can’t pass by with disdain, I approach them, I love them, if there is food I share with them.

let’s take care of our little friends together, they are man’s best friend
they will never betray a person and will wait until the end for friends who have betrayed them