• Write your business plan. What should you include in it

I will import goods to Armenia at discounted prices and sell them at the real price.

  • What is the name of the busines;

Original goods for you.

  • Is the location important for starting a new business?

My opinion about it is negative, i think not in this case, but generally yes․

  • Are advertising and market very important steps?\

Yes, it is the most important thing in business, without theft and less customer and income

Why is it Important to Learn a Foreign Language?

Knowing a foreign language is very important, it opens many doors for us. I am a future programmer and if I learn foreign languages I will have more achievements. I think every person is obliged to know another foreign language in addition to his native language. We Armenians know Russian very well and can speak freely in our region. but it seems to me that it is not enough, in order to feel yourself fully, you need to know English. I said English because English is the international language. every second person speaks English fluently, and knowing it will make our life in a foreign place much easier. I have understood one thing, if you know foreign languages and communicate freely with people, then the world is in your hands.

English Leader Ex:3 pg 38


1. Organised and logical people find it easy to learn grammar rules.

2. Musical people find it easy to develop a good accent.

3. Extroverts find it easy to communicate in their native languageand therefore it is easier for them to speak a foreign language fluently.

4. We can improve our brain performance by developing our memory, attention, flexibility, speed and problem solving.

Did you like your winter camb.If Its Yas- Why?If its no — Why ?

Hi, last weeks
Last weeks I spent very wonderful. I was in English group, there we improve our English whit games. We play the game «Who are me»
For example Natali  pull the card, and post it on her forehead. She must ask us different questions, and guess the word on the card.
One day we split into groups, and cook something. I choose American cheese burger, it was so tasty.
my group has become very close to me. it’s very unusual to be surrounded by other people,
Its hard to realise that the camp is already over.

Are we fed up with your teachers telling you what to do?

Hello, I’m Mariam, and I go to school like other young people. My school is different from other schools in Armenia. In our school, teacher-student relations are different. As much as we respect our teachers, they respect us. It helps us not to be afraid of wrong answers in the lessons, especially foreign languages, we speak freely. I think it is the teacher’s responsibility to give the student a task, and the student’s responsibility is to complete it, in our school we can complete the project of our choice. For example, in the subject of history, we were assigned «Our superstition».
the project, but if the student does not like that topic, he can write on the topic he suggested, no patience.

So our teachers do not force us to do the task given by them, we can do what we like, learn what is important.

Some people think certain prisoners should be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars. To what extent do you agree?

In this life we ​​all commit sins, some even deprive others of the opportunity to live, even though they do not have the right to do so. Hi, I’m Mariam and I would like to talk about whether a person can clean the streets instead of going to prison.

I think a person should be punished for all his bad deeds, and with all severity. The place of a guilty person is only in prison․ I think cleaning the streets is not such a harsh punishment, and the guilty person may not realize his mistake.

These days thousands of people commit crimes and go unpunished because they are accused
to others․ If I were the judge of people who are not proven guilty, I wouldn’t take them to jail, I’d just grab some cleaning supplies and take them out on the street, until the fact of their guilt was mitigated or denied․

Would you like to have a robot as a teacher?

We live in the 21st technological century. There are many robots that really make human life easier.

A robot teacher. I couldn’t even wrap my head around it, I’m definitely against it, because the teacher is one of the most important people in our life, after parents, he gives us a good future and doesn’t let us become bad people. I think that a teacher, in addition to teaching, should be a good person, have human characteristics. Let’s say the children are writing a test paper, history, if the child answers the question with another word, by describing his thoughts, Robolt will get a point.

I think that if our teacher is a robot, we will also grow up like a robot, because soon we will think like them ourselves, during that test, for the second time, we will write what the robot will understand, not what we want.
I think Robot teachers will be a big mistake of humanity

The most important thing for me

There is a thing which we make more important for us, as this moment the most important thing for me is my telephone as another teenagers.Nowadays the telephone take us everything. There are times when only telephone helps us on different situation. For example when we were on the street and didn’t know where to go, Google map help us.
People use telephone not only for calling they use internet. We study foreign languages, History, we play games to eject our stress, by helping internet. Internet can give us many answer of our interesting questions. There also is very comfortable we can keep it in our pocket, so I can’t image my life with out telephone.

Police Woman

We know many professions which are for boys and girls. There are professions which viewed as strange by societ especially in Armenia. For example boy chif and girl driver. Policewomen for me is normal, but I can’t pay attention. It’s unusual for me.

I think, we should become what we want. Nobody cann’t stop us from our dream. It will be astronaut or astrologer. This life is ours it’s only one, we must live it, the way we want. We must not obeying anyone, listen only to ourselves and move only forward.