Drinking water

The tap water is generally safe, as it comes directly from mountains, but you may also purchase bottled water. You can get both mineral water with gas and normal spring water on almost every street corner. This water is available in both the rural areas and the capital. You can  open the tap either at work or in a house and drink running water. It’s absolutely safe for drinking and even tasty. In the streets and yards of Yerevan you can see certain water springs. The unique one-meter-high bubbling jet offers clean and tasty Armenian water. Come close and drink. It is completely free.


Use the new words from the text in the sentences:

spring-1. գարուն, 2. աղբյուր, 3 զսպանակ,

both… and…-և….և…

either… or… կամ… կամ…

neither… nor… ոչ…. ոչ…



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