Ex.4,pg 34

a. When we talk about the past we can use time expressions like these. Add another example to each list.

yesterday-  morning                            last- afternoon                   ago- week                                                       evening                                     night                                      night                                                      afternoon                                  week                                       morning

b.  Complete the sentences with your own information.

  1. Four  hours ago, I was in the theater.
  2. Last night, I went to bed at ten o’clock.
  3. Yesterday evening I was a home and watch TV.
  4. Last Saturday ,I was in shooting competition.
  5. Eight years ago, I was for years.
  6. My last holidays was very interesting.

c. 2. Complete the sentences. Use a time expression with ago.

  1. I met your cousin last Saturday. It’s Wednesday today. I met your cousin three days ago.
  2. It’s 10.30 now. My  English class began at 9.30.My  English class began an hour ago.
  3. The school holidays started at the end of June. It’s the end of August now. The school holidays started 2 months ago.



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