Ex 10/b, pg 36

  1. Debbie says Pete made an awful pizza one time.
  2. Pete gets a bit angry.
  3. Jess tells Debbie that she wasn’t very friendly.
  4. Debbie says it’s OK to make jokes about friends.
  5. Jess says real friends don’t hurt each other.
  6. Debbie says sorry to Pete.
  7. Debbie thinks it’s natural that Pete isn’t happy.

Ex 11/a,b, pg 37

a. Find expressions 1-6 in the photostory. Who says them?

  1. Pete says —What about…?
  2. Jess says— on the other hand,…
  3. Debbie says—I didn’t mean to.
  4. Pete says—Never mind.
  5. Jess says— I don’t think so.
  6. Jess says—to be honest,…

b. Read the dialogues. Use the expressions in Exercise 11a to complete them.

  1. A: Who is going  for a walk?                                                                            B:Well I’m a bit tired, so Debbie, I don’t want to go out.
  2. A:Mrs Jones gave us a lot of homework, didn’t she?                                      B:Yes, a lot! but Pete, it’s the weekend, so we’ve got 3 day to do it.
  3. A:I’m sorry I broke your camera, Jess.                                                          B:It’s OK Joel . It was an old camera anyway.

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