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Everyone loves parables because they are short and profound and instructive. Below are 5 such wonderful parables.

About love

— What is the difference between ‘likes’ and ‘I love’? «When you like a flower, you tear it, and when you love a flower, you water it every day.» About friends: The wise man was asked: How Many Types of Company Are There? «Four,» she replied, «there are friends who look like food. You need them every day. There are friends who are like a drug. You look for them when you feel bad. There are friends who look like they are sick. they are looking for you. There are also friends who are like air. You don’t see them, but they are always with you.Բառերի ազդեցության մասին


Two friends were talking.

«My wife is so unpleasant and careless.» I always tell him about it, but every year things get worse and worse. Another friend replies: «And my wife is very smart, she’s a wonderful housewife, and she’s getting better and better every year.» I also tell her about it.

About what fills the soul


On one occasion, several people began to loudly criticize a wise man as he walked down the street. He heard everything, but he answered with a smile and wished him good health. Someone asked him:

"You smiled and wished these people well. Don't you feel bad for them?"

The man replied:

- When I go to the market, I can only spend what is in my wallet. The same is true when communicating with people. I can only spend what fills my soul.

Միշտ սկսիր քեզնից


"Oh, the neighbor's linen is clean today." He may have finally learned to wash.
'Well, no,' said her husband, 'I just woke up early today and washed the window.

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