1. I really bicycles! I’ve got two; a green one and a grey one. I got the green bike as a birthday present when I was 12. I bought the grey bike bike with my money.

2. I read a newspaper story about a new plane yesterday. The plane can carry 3,000 people, but the story didn’t say when thry will finish making it.

3. My father drives an old car. He loves it! It was made in 1960, and it looks really beautiful. Every week he gets_ phone calls from _ people who want to buy it. Last week a woman in London. My father didn’t know the woman, but she offered her £10,000 for the car!

4. Last night I had dream. My dream was about _ dogs – lots of them! There was a dog that tried to bite me and I ran away. Some people say that _ dreams tell you _ things about yourself. Perhaps this dream means that I’m afraid of _ dogs!

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