Write the verbs in the right tense form.

Umbrellas first (1) in China about 3000 years ago. (to appear) In ancient China and
Egypt, umbrellas (2) symbols of rank. (to be considered ) Important people often
(3) umbrellas, (to have) covered with leaves or feathers held over them by servants
for protecting them from the sun. The Greeks (4) umbrellas to Europe as sunshades
about 2,000 years ago. (to introduce) The Romans (5)_ them to protect themselves
against rain. (to use)

2)were considered to be

How can a person overcome fear?

Fear. We all had fears. We must try to overcome them. For example, I am very afraid of heights. I have often tried to overcome it, but in vain. From a young age I sat on carousels, climbed to different high places. I tried a lot to overcome it, but unfortunately I did not succeed. There was a case when I almost fell from the roof, I was six years old at that time. I hung on a pole and stayed that way. Soon my brother came and helped me. After that incident, my fear increased. And I am still afraid of high places. For example, from masters, carpenters, etc.

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