if I started a charity

I would open an organization where we would collect money for our little four-legged friends. These days there are a lot of homeless dogs and cats on the streets of Yerevan, and each of them has its own story, it’s not that being born and surviving among garbage on the street is much more complicated than you think. Very often people are so cruel that they hit them, I can never accept them

I hear this phrase a lot

«don’t touch those animals they are dirty»

that they defile the souls of other people who strike and harass them, when I see a street dog or a cat, I can’t pass by with disdain, I approach them, I love them, if there is food I share with them.

let’s take care of our little friends together, they are man’s best friend
they will never betray a person and will wait until the end for friends who have betrayed them

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