Advice of servant

«Sheff, I see him.»

One boy comes and sat in a car. His name’s Richard. He is 13 years old.

«Did you Like Disneyland?»

«It could have been better» says the boy in a harsh voice.

At Home the boy threw away his coat and lay down on the bed.

«Come here! Where is my father» call the boy his servant.

«Sir, he unfortunately cannot have dinner with you today.»

«You said these wards to me yesterday.»

» Sorry, I can’t help you, he have many problems in his job.»

«He likes his job more than me.»

«Don’t say such things he loves you, and try to make your life more better.»

Richard was silent.

«Richard, when I was your age. When my father rushed to work instead of seeing me, I rarely saw him. but what I wanted soon became mine. There was not a single toy, book that I had not have. I saw my father once a month, he always came to hug me, kiss me, tell me how much he loves me. I did not appreciate those things, I never told my father that I loved him. One day my servant came and said that my father died, then I felt alienation, loneliness, betrayal. I regretted everything I said, regretted that I would never say that I love him.»

After a short pause he continued.

«Richard, I don’t want you to make my mistakes, appreciate and love your father while he is alive and healthy.»

The doors of the room opened, the father entered,

«Many times we can give up work for the sake of family.»

The boy looked at the servant, who smiled at him. Richard ran to his father and tightly hugged him .

«I love you dad.»


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