1 Grammar


  1. The  Statue of Liberty was built in France.
  2. It was a terrible accident. How many people were killed?
  3. Tomas fell off his bike yesterday, but he was not injured.
  4. We didn’t play well yesterday. We were …4-0!
  5. When the volcano  erupted, the noise was … 200 kilometres away.


My grandparents live in the countryside, in the old cottage. It’s got a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. The  bedroom and the living room are quite big, but  the kitchen’s very small! cottages like my grandparents’.


  1. There’s nowhere to sit – there aren’t enough chairs here
  2. I couldn’t finish the test because there wasn’t enough time.
  3. I fell sick- I think I’ve eaten too mach chocolate!
  4. I didn’t really enjoy my visit to Rome because there  were  too many tourists everywhere.


  1. Next summer we’re going to Spain for our holiday. We’ve booked the flights.
  2. I’ve put some old clothes on because I am wash my dad’s car for him.
  3. What  time are we meeting John this evening?
  4. Please can you lend me some money? I promise I am paying you back on Friday.

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