Ex 8, pg 64

b. Complete the sentences so that they make sense.

1. Joel doesn’t think very highly of Maths.

2. Joel is grateful because Pete offered to study with him.

3. Pete thinks Joel’s room is too messy.

4. Pete doesn’t really believe that Joel always finds things quickly in his room.

E9, pg 65

a. Find the expressions 1-6 in the story. Who says them? How do you say them in your language?

1. There’s no point in… – Joel

2. There’s nothing wrong with… – Pete

3. It’s up to you. – Pete

4. Anything else? – Pete

5. … all over the place. – Pete

6. if you say so… – Pete

b. Complete the dialogues with expressions 1-6 from Exercise 9a.

1. A: Can I have two kilos of apples, please?

    B: Sure. There you are. Anything else?

2. A: This CD is the best in the history of the world.

    B: Well, there’s nothing wrong with it – but I didn’t think it was very special.

3. A: Where do you want to go tonight?

    B: It’s up to you. I don’t mind where we go.

4. A: Oh no! It’s starting to rain – and we haven’t got an umbrella!

    B: Well, there’s no point in complaining. We just have to walk – and get wet!

5. A: What’s the matter Mum?

    B: It’s the living room, Sarah. You’ve left things all over the place. Please put your things away!

6. A: So what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

    B: Yes there is – you could damage your ears.

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