Ex 2 c, pg 69

1. Someone gave me this book for my birthday, but I can’t remember who.

 I rang your place four times this morning, but no one answered.

 Use Your Memory by Tony Buzan is a brilliant book. I think everyone should read it. 

  It was a hard question. She asked all her friends, but none of them knew the answer.

5. I can remember everything our teacher said today’s lesson, but i can’t remember what the homework is!

 Jim’s lost his watch! He’s looked for it everywhere, but he can’t find it.

 My dad doesn’t see his friends from Karaganda very often. That’s why he was very happy that all of them came to his party.

Ex 3 b, pg 69

1.What? You got 100% in the test? I don’t believe you!

2.He looked completely different – I didn’t recognise him!

3.You saw a ghost? You’re crazy. I don’t believe in ghosts.

4.It’s a very strange story, but it could be true. I suppose.

5.Well, I don’t know the answer, so I’ll have to guess.

6.Don’t look out of the window – concentrate on your work.

7.Living on an island in the Pacific Ocean – can you imagine that?

8.She left without saying goodbye – I wonder why she did that?

9.It’s a difficult question, so think carefully before you answer.

10.After twenty minutes, I realised I was in the wrong place.

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